My vecation

Seeing her there after so many years ,everyone gets tensed.

My vecation

I could also rest a lot and this was the best thing, because I needed it time ago. Beginning my vacations, I was at home helping my aunt in the works home, so I could play great time with my nephew Angelwith my cousins Luis and Laura and my Pet Matius. I also went out many times with my boyfriend to dance and also to eat ice cream, pizza etc.

I went to the beach 2 times. I was happy, because I was with my family, and my boyfriend. Then like in two weeks I went to Santa Marta's city, but my family wasn't in this walk, if not my boyfriend's family this walk was grand, because I shared a lot of time with my in-laws jijiji and I could meet the rest of the family.

When we arrived to Santa Marta's city, we went to "playa blanca" it is a clean beautiful sea, without waves and blue.

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I had a good time there, we take a bath in the beach, I take the sun and I ate shrimps, my boyfriend gives myself a pretty necklace that make Santa Marta's people. It is relaxing, very cold their name says it. I cannot complain it. I had a great day!!!!! For all these places that I mention is necessary to take different articles that help us to be better for example: I take a towel, shampoo and balm for the hair, cream, a brush, some beach sandals, sunscreen, money jejeej, a bathing suit, some underwear and the most important thing a photographic camera.

After those walks I was at home using my computer.

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I also was with my boyfriend and visit to my family. Finally I can say that my vacations were very fun. I recommend you for your next vacations the tourist places that I said before they are very pretty, incredible, splendind and very visited.

You can also make the things that you like facebook jiji is a lie, your favorite activities like I did it.Jun 30,  · Hi, Sorry for dealy response, i was on vecation because of that there is a delay.

My vecation

1) I didnt get you clearlly, but as for your email i went though but that sample result set is grayed out. how can i make it as editable. Enjoy Your Vacation Wishes – Vacation Messages Vacation Messages: Vacation is always a great chance to relax and helps us to gain a healthy mentally, lots .

A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored on your computer. We are using cookies to store your username. In the Change settings - opens in new window or tab section of the Messages tab in My eBay, select Turn on under Vacation settings.

In the text box, enter a short note to your buyers advising that you're away. Check the box beside Show people the date that you'll be back, and enter your return date.

Cats violently mate under my windows and rats break-dance in the drop ceiling.

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And I'm lying in bed with a broken air conditioner, sweating and sipping lemonade through a straw. And I'm thinking, geez, this used to be a great state.

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My vecation

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