Canada a rising middle power essay

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Canada a rising middle power essay

The legislative council held all real decision-making power, while the assembly was seen as a mostly advisory body. Seen here, a painting depicting the first meeting of the assemblies of Upper Canada, which took place in modern-day Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario in September-October of The Rise of Democracy s—s Up to this point, the Canadian colonies had very authoritarian, aristocratic governments.

This was fine when the colonies were filled mainly with illiterate farmers and fur traders, but by the s, Upper and Lower Canada were becoming larger, richer, and more diverse societies.

Canada a rising middle power essay

A swelling population and steady economic growth saw the rise of a growing middle class comprised of people like merchants, carpenters, doctors, lawyers, and journalists — all of whom demanded a greater say in how their colony was being run.

What exactly the Reformers wanted varied.

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He identified two major problems: Responsible Government Inthe governor of the United Province began picking politicians from the elected parliament to help him run the government, but his choices were often unpopular. Following protests, in the governor introduced a new system known as responsible government in which he would only pick cabinet members from the largest party in the parliament.

This is still basically the system of government Canada uses today. The system was designed to foster cooperation, but French resentment stood in the way. In election after election, French voters voted in radical Reform politicians who constantly delayed or opposed legislation as a way of voicing their ongoing displeasure with the state of colonial government.

It became impossible to get anything done. Like the Canadas, these colonies experienced similar bouts of political turmoil in the mids stemming from a lack of democratic government, but also born from a hopeless economic situation far worse than anything on the mainland. Fromthe United States fought a bitter civil war between its northern and southern states over the legality of slavery.

The British government, backed the slave-holding South in an effort to weaken U. The Americans began to once again see the Canadian colonies to their north as a possible staging ground for British subversion or attack, and talk of a rematch of became louder. Macdonaldthe man who would become the first prime minister of Canada, meets with Britain's Queen Victoria in London during the final confederation negotiations between Canadian politicians and the British government.

With Macdonald is the Earl of Carnarvonthe British colonial secretary. This would give the colonies improved economic and military strength born from their combined land and resources, while also granting greater local government powers to groups like the French, who clearly wanted more control over their own affairs.

The federal government would be strong, with the power to make all criminal laws and regulate matters of national importance like currency, trade, and immigration, while the colonies — or provinces, as they would now be known — would retain full control over local affairs like education, property, and natural resources.

The old United Province of Canada was once again split into two pieces, with the English half becoming the province of Ontario and the French part becoming the province of Quebec. Farm Life The Canadian Pacific Railroad advertised heavily in Victorian England with colourful posters boasting how easily and cheaply British families could move to the Canadian prairies and start a comfortable new life as farmers.

In reality, the Canadian Prairies were often a harsh and unwelcoming place, with rough terrain, vicious weather, and little community support.

While the new dominion government represented a decisive solution to years of political unrest, Canada remained a colonial possession of Britain, albeit an increasingly self-reliant one. Though Canada had gained control over most of its internal affairs, London still retained a number of important powers.

It was up to the new dominion to prove they could be trusted with more. The Islanders had cockily refused to join confederation inbut by they were so heavily in debt they had little choice. Bysettlement to the NWT had increased to the point where its previously vacant southwestern regions could be carved into provinces eight and nine: Canada now stretched unbroken from sea to sea to sea.

Quick Facts Britain's North American colonies grew significantly in size and wealth during the 19th century. A rising middle class and armed rebellions led to the establishment of parliamentary democracy in the Canadian colonies. Inthree of Britain's North American colonies merged to form the Dominion of Canada, triggering the birth of the modern country.

Canada's first prime ministers expanded the country's borders by absorbing other parts of British North America. United States Senate Oregon Territory Eager to avoid further fighting after the conclusion of the War, in Britain and the United States agreed to jointly run the territory around the Pacific Coast of North America, which both sides were claiming ownership of.

As the population of the area grew, joint management became more contentious, and in the government of U.In international relations, a middle power is a sovereign state that is not a superpower nor a great power, but still has large or moderate influence and international recognition.

The concept of the "middle power" dates back to the origins of the European state system. Canadian leaders believed Canada was a middle power because it was a.


Canada As A Middle Power Lily Chen Canada's Military Canada's Goals as a Middle Power Promote world peace Co-operate with US in Continental Defense.

Lower Canada was created because of the incompetent way the government managed the country, a lack of representation in the government, a lack of understanding of the colonist's in Upper and Lower Canada, and discrimination towards the French in Lower Canada.

A middle power is also influential because its policies are credible and it is an independent state3.

Canada a rising middle power essay

Essentially what this means is that a middle power takes part in international politics (and in doing so, has an influential role) through international organizations and also through multilateral discussions – often during crises.

Canada, A Rising Middle Power Essay - In the decades following World War Two, there were a number of movements which focused on global developments.

Groups such as the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were centres of international cooperation. Sep 11,  · Middle-East History Essay. Flavors of the Middle East. Words | 3 Pages.

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